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Mangalajodi is a village located on the banks of Chitika Lagoon with an enriched treasure of avi-fauna and considered as the paradise of bird and birdwatchers located at a distance of ?ve kilometers from Tangi The history of Mangalajodi resemble to that of 'Balmiki' in 'The Ramayanas'. The wetland haveing thousands of migratory and resident water-birds was notorious for bird poaching. Killing and seling of the birds used to be a common practice of the locals who were to professional poachers. Locals used to get boat loads of birds alive or dead to supply across the state as meat of Chilika Lagoon birds is on high demand. But the bloody practice dwindles from I997 with intervene of Wild Odisha' volunteers. Though a tough task, the volunteers succeed not only in convincing but converting most of the locals of Mangalajodi from poachers to protectors. In 2000 The villagers formed 'Sri Mahavir Pakshi Sulaksha Samiti', dedicated towards the protection of bids and their habitat and proved to be perfect guides to the wetland. There is a watch tower one side of Mangalajodi, adjoumed to a concrete jetty on its bank The sight from watchtower projects a picturesque view of horizon meeting the numerous waterways roving a through the reeds Boat is the only mode to access the marshes. Covered with long reeds, aquatic grasses and various under water plants; the wetland creates an impression of a ?oating meadow from the watch tower. Boatmen here use traditional wooden boats and bamboo pole to steer and row that calls for basic balancing sense to maintain the balance of the boat while riding. Scene of various water birds tiptoeing around to make their way in and around the mossy green water plants wipes out the tear of boat riding. Gliding ahead in the wet and wild, the waterways open up to wide channels and the density of reeds gas thinner to create an impression of ?oating islands with various species of water birds hopping around fearlessly or taking a flight . Mangalajodi has rarest species of birds as its Sandpipers, egrets, purple heron, black-winged stilts, moorhen, warblers, brahminy ducks, spot-bled ducks, golden dagger, citrine wagtail, pied king?sher, bronze-winged jacana, black-breasted weavers, wood sandpipers, black-winged stilts, grey-laggeese,white ibises, are some of the species to found in Mangahjodi. Here you will find every boatman and local a master birdwatcher. They can point out species of bird from distance ,even by just hearing its tweet or chirp or from the gesture of flying. Located at an approximate distance of 75 km, Mangalajodi is only a few hours journey from Bhubaneswar towards south on NH -5. One can take Brahmapur route bus or take Balugaon route bus to Tanghi (5 km from Mangaljodi). Kalupada Ghat or Balugaon are nearest railway stations having taxi facility to cover 35 km to the wetland. Lodging and boarding facilities are now available at Mangalajodi due to the Eco-tourism project initiated by CPSW and 'Wild Odisha' Once visited, one cannot resist to be back again, just like the migratory birds who return every year to their warm wintering ground in the Chilika Lagoon.

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